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Dead Beyond is a fanfiction series based on AMC’s The Walking Dead that takes place on the North Shore of Boston 20 years after the hit series. You will see real towns such as Nahant, Swampscott, Lynn and Boston in the story.

If you’ve never been to the site, we recommend you start with Episode 1 – Life Abroad!


Faina - The Dead Beyond
Episode 5 – Fractured 707 471 Dead Beyond

Episode 5 – Fractured

Faina slowly shook her head, flipped the knife so the blade was pointing down and gripped the handle hard then raised it in the air like a tomahawk. “I think we mind our own business…

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Dead Beyond
Episode 4 – The Discovery 480 360 Dead Beyond

Episode 4 – The Discovery

All the adults jumped up and ran to the door, Henry made it to the door first and seeing the chasers… no, not chasers – drudgens, that were on the other side of the porch…

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There was life all around them, but none of it was the life that some of them remember, the life of the old times. A vague and muddled shadow that was more of a whisper than a voice. A life of technology, having food at every local corner store and not even vaguely knowing what it means to have to survive against the brutal hand of death. Nothing but the dead beyond.


What is Dead Beyond?

Dead Beyond is a fanfiction series based on AMC’s The Walking Dead. The story takes place in Boston as well as north of Boston in the towns of Nahant, Swampscott, Salem, Lynn, and Peabody. It’s a unique story about unique people, in a unique situation, in a fight to regain humanity in an inhuman world.

A new episode is published each Friday at 6am EST.

Created by Boston based novelist Jason Stadtlander, Dead Beyond takes place twenty years after a catastrophic disease brought humanity close to extinction and gave unnatural life to the dead. Stories have surfaced of the blood bath and later battles against those that they called the ‘walkers’ and ‘biters’ down south, ‘geeks’ and ‘lurkers’ in other parts of the country and of course ‘chasers’ in the Boston area.

We join Gina and her group on the north shore of Boston as they struggle to save what is left of humanity and find a peace in this new landscape that they have been thrust into.


You can reach Jason (the creator) by going to his website below and contacting him.

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